Who will replace these great men ?

I had the priviledge to attend primary and secondary school at a fantastic educational institute called La Salle run by the De La Salle catholic missionary brothers (http://www.delasallebrothers.com/). The school is still around but the brothers are no longer here to run the schools, as the schools have all been nationalized.

I am not here to debate on the merits and demerits on nationalization. This discussion will lead us nowhere.

Instead, I’d like to pay homage to these fantastic men. And I can speak from personal experience. They have dedicated their lives to educating young men everywhere in the world, most of the time, asking for very little in return.

The education that they imparted to us was wholesome. They were teachers who would tell us about how to live life and how to conduct ourselves as worthy contributors to society, unlike the current education system, which emphasizes on book knowledge.

Brothers, we salute you.

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