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This is my first blog

December 23, 2009

Hello everyone ! Welcome to Short End of The Stick (SEOTS for short). For the unaccustomed, it means “to suffer the bad effects of a situation” (reference There are also other connotations to the title which I choose not to reveal in a public blog such as this !

Let me start by saying why I have decided to blog.

Truly, I don’t why I have decided to blog.

And neither do I know where this blog will lead.

It is really an experiment in social behaviour. Can a person like me, who has much to say about almost anything, really broadcast his views on a public forum over the web whilst attracting enough participation from the web population. I don’t know and I guess we’ll all find out.

But having said that, this is really not relevant. To me, sharing one’s thoughts with others is a sure fire way of generating fantastic ideas which has the capability to precipitate a great personal journey. It may lead nowhere, but does everything really have to lead somewhere ? Let’s just enjoy the ride, whether it be a thrilling roller-coaster or a relatively boring merry-go-round.

Merry Christmas !